U·TRANS Consultant Fellowship Program

We introduce our process to incorporate people – and talent! – to our network of collaborators.  U·TRANS Consultant Fellowship Program (U·TRANS CFP) is the program we have imagined and set up to find and incorporate new professionals to collaborate in our projects. And we also value – and a lot! – that you bring your own project. We conceive U·TRANS CFP as a training and mutual learning program that should lay the foundations for future professional collaborations.

Do you join us? Here we go!

What steps to follow?

First, apply a letter of motivation and send us your CV. Secondly, we will ask you to meet  personally and we will propose the resolution of a small professional challenge that will allow us to know your skills and professional guidance. Thirdly, you can show us your solution to the challenge, to make a joint assessment. Lastly, we will take a decision on your collaboration. All this process will last between two and three weeks.

Come and join our training program for a period of approximately 6 months.

We are looking for profiles in innovative consulting, communication management and web development.

Offer Proposal Duration Access
Corporate Communication Management 20h/week 6 months See the offer
Web Development 20h/week 6 months See the offer
Consultancy 20h/week 6 months See the offer

They joined us!

Nerea (2)


The opportunity to join an intergenerational and interdisciplinary team that creates each project with motivating joy and professionalism



A close company where, with the support of my colleagues, I had the chance to be part of huge projects while enjoying an enriching professional training and an active and exciting working environment



“A truly enjoyable experience! I was very positively surprised by the team’s trust in young talent. There is an open, positive and diverse work environment that generates a sense of belonging from the very beginning



“This is my first professional contact in job area where I would like to find my future”



We learn every day to solve new challenges and research on a global scale for a consulting applied to the transformation of the local ecosystem



“The chance to get started in the world of work in a dynamic and innovative environment where communication is the key”



“U · TRANS helped me to enrich my experience as a consultant proposing new challenges and innovative ways to implement changes in order to transform the territory”



“Learning every day, halfway between corporate communication management and working as a consultant”


It is the new concept to catch talent for consulting firms working in the field of innovation. SPARK focuses on a day of work and gamification in which applicants meet the companies in depth, show their interests and abilities and practice networking.