Anna Mora

Anna Mora


"Entrepreneur, coherent, commited, ambicious and open minded"

I was born in Girona and I have a degree in Sociology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2007). I made the Master in Youth and Society (2009), a course on Strategic Management for Universities (2010) and the Master in Leadership and Management in Science and Innovation (2013).

I professionally started  in the field of civic organizations, developing dynamic techniques and project management functions. I have been involved for many years in the non-formal and informal education sector, I have been working on the promotion of values ​​and community development programs. I joined the team of U · TRANS in 2009, where I learn something new every day.

My professional interests are found in the treatment of quantitative data, fieldwork and qualitative information – especially on public participation processes – , the definition of strategies for change within knowledge institutions, the design of actions  for economic promotion from a territorial aspect, communication and digital marketing and technological applications as tools for the revitalization, the management and the promotion of collaborative work.

I’m a member of the social initiative Talim, geared to support organizations who work in non-formal education.