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Published on 10 de May, 2023 at Consulting

Social Media, a corporative loudspeaker in the Digital Agora

By Pol Solà
2 min read

Over the last ten years, the use of social media has exponentially increased among citizenship. Initially conceived for spare time, companies and organizations use it because of two main reasons:

  • Social networks offer the possibility of creating a regular channel to show our daily activity and new contents among our public. In a direct way and with no intermediaries.
  • Some of the keys to its success are its high virality level and an advertising system cheaper than the older ones.

However, it is essential to segment our message in order to effectively communicate according to the social network we are using. Proper use of innovative cards and messages can multiply our degree of influence. As usual, quality will give us better results than quantity.


LinkedIn: a social network for professionals

LinkedIn is the most widely used social network by individual users for online networking. It is also a good mean for our personal branding at a professional level. LinkedIn makes possible, that other users validate our curriculum and skills, and our network of connections facilitate this purpose. Company pages can also be a good tool to publicize our corporate branding.

At first glance, LinkedIn is not the most user-friendly social network. However, if we get used to its functions we will find unique aspects such as discussion forum, where we can find professionals of our professional sector. LinkedIn is also a job bank where companies can post their vacancies. Users can submit their requests in just one click. It is the perfect ecosystem for headhunters and recruiters 2.0.

According to the 2015 Adecco and Infoempleo Report on ‘Social Networks and Job Market’ in Spain, LinkedIn is the ideal network for job seekers (with 72% acceptance). Almost 9 out of 10 companies (87%) use social networks to recruit candidates. Likewise, 88% of the coaches acknowledge that they check the activity of their candidates in this network.


Twitter: a social network for communicators

In Twitter, factors such as immediacy and concision are critically important: summarizing ideas in 140 characters is not an easy task! These aspects make this social network an ideal ecosystem for corporate communications. Features like hashtag and retweeting can allow us to reach new audiences easily. One of the keys to success is to properly target our audience, and to generate contents that interest it.

Thus, Twitter is the perfect ecosystem for key players and professionals of communication. It is the favorite network for journalists, community managers and, above all, corporate communication managers.


Facebook: a social network for leisure

Facebook could be a good alternative for reaching some targets. This social network, the most widely used, offers an efficient, cheap and hyper segmented advertising according to the interests of the recipients. It is especially recommended in three cases: for communities, leisure products sales and sharing contents. Nevertheless, it is not that useful for enterprises offering professional services, such as in our case, because Facebook is mostly used as a leisure network.

U·TRANS has both accounts in Twitter and LinkedIn, where we share interesting news related to our business areas. Furthermore, we have helped different kinds of organizations to work on their online projection.

We invite you, so, to follow our accounts in LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up to date about our last news and professional activity.

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