We believe that it is essential that our projects do not end with a paper-printed report. Our customers want their organizations to have a greater impact, and that is why our projects increasingly incorporate digital products that have to be created from zero or improve if they already exist. The profile we are looking for has a balance between web development and graphic design. We take care of maintaining and improving our website and creating ad hoc digital products for our clients’ projects that should include the digital side.


  • 20h/week
  • 6 months

    Job abilities

    • Ability to perform more than one task at a time
    • Capacity for initiative, creativity and improvisation
    • Ability to self-manage time, tasks and meet deadlines
    • Capacity to work in multidisciplinary and intergenerational teams
    • Written and oral communication skills
    • Analytical, reflective and synthesis capacity
    • Capacity for self-evaluation, self-criticism and continuous improvement
    • Capacity for dialogue and empathy with the clients
    • Curiosity and desire to learn

    Job benefits

    • Training, mentoring and professional development
    • Online working available
    • Salary

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