It’s not just about managing social networks, keeping up to date the web and filling out the blog. At U·TRANS we make a clear commitment to communication, understanding that organizations have more impact if they are able to communicate effectively with their target audience. It is not easy to communicate our philosophy of optimism, change management, transgression and innovation that we always want to transfer to our clients as an attitude.

We deal with our corporate communication policy and we also manage the communication area of some of our clients.



  • 20h/week
  • 6 months

    Job abilities

    • Ability to perform more than one task at a time
    • Capacity for initiative, creativity and improvisation
    • Ability to self-manage time, tasks and meet deadlines
    • Capacity to work in multidisciplinary and intergenerational teams
    • Written and oral communication skills
    • Analytical, reflective and synthesis capacity
    • Capacity for self-evaluation, self-criticism and continuous improvement
    • Capacity for dialogue and empathy with the clients
    • Curiosity and desire to learn

    Job benefits

    • Training, mentoring and professional development
    • Online working available
    • Salary

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