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In times of change and uncertainty, a dose of consulting is needed to reinvent yourself and find solutions to new challenges.

We have been a consultant since 2002, improving the knowledge and experience we put at the service of research and knowledge institutions; accompanying local government entities for economic and social development; setting the common strategy and horizon in multiagent organisms.

We devise simple solutions for complex scenarios and add value to the trajectory of any organization.


Design is the cover letter of a project or entity, the visual expression of the identity that distinguishes it from everything else.

We incorporate the image and infographics that the project needs; we create the identity and brand to connect with the target audience; we design offline and digital communication campaigns; we generate good user experiences in friendly digital environments; we build messages that are respectful and aligned with the values of the organization.

It is as important to do as it is to communicate well what we do.


Technology as an ally and our expertise in multimedia channels provide the key ingredients for making a successful internet site.

We design the user experience the organization needs; we develop the interface for web and mobile applications; we generate the digital platform to publicize the project; we articulate the best architecture to easily interact with information; we design and program custom digital environments; we guess the friendly and pleasant navigation for each entity.

Existence is not the same as being visible on the web.

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What they say about us

Utrans is well versed in how to set the city’s strategy and production specialization. We value your personalized dedication and perseverance

Montserrat Candini

Mayor of Calella and Member of the Parliament of Catalonia
Utrans has provided us with strategic reflection in a format of rigor, commitment and approach to our values as an institution.

Joan Turró

General Director of the Balmes University Foundation
Utrans has given us the peace of mind of know-how, the confidence

Rosa Argelaguet

Director of the UPC Manresa and First Deputy Mayor of Sallent
Utrans has provided us with qualified, reliable support with great knowledge of the university ecosystem

Xavier Ferràs

Teacher, consultant, lecturer, blogger and entrepreneur