Place Matters. Think both locally and globally

Regions & cities are the place where knowledge society nodes are found. There, the interaction between production, creativity, knowledge, social demands and innovative solution takes place. Therefore, cities and regions should adopt that perspective when thinking about its own future and global positioning in order to stay ahead of the game.

Service Lines

Headhunting: Search and selection of professional management profiles

Having people with talent and leadership is the key to managing change processes and achieving the strategic objectives of organizations

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Endinsant-nos en nous reptes urbans

Existeixen noves oportunitats en l’apoderament col·lectiu, la creativitat, l’smart social citizen, l’ecologia urbana, la mobilitat sostenible i el retailing avançat.

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New urban challenges

There are new opportunities around collective empowerment, creativity, smart social citizen, urban ecology, sustainable mobility or advanced retailing

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Creating local strategies

Having a shared horizon in the medium term enables us to deploy transformative projects & create dynamic cross-cutting work

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Making Global Cities & Regions

Making the importance of our place clear requires tools of attractiveness, global positioning and branding strategies (place branding)

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Smart & Competitive Region

Boosting the Quadruple Helix in your city or region is the best way to generate a productive specialisation strategy

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Ruling with Citizenship

Listening and involving the citizenship as the best solution to generate innovative public policies. Civic participation is the key!

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Activating the creative class

The rise of the creative class at the local level means attraction of talent in the long run. Try the “City Spark Pool of Talent” method.

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